You go girl? Eurovision Song Contest presenter Petra Mede panders to the catty side of the Fabulous

Sweden's Petra Mede

Sweden’s Petra Mede


Who knew they had it in them? SVT, the Swedish television network, covered this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a humor which even border-lined on funny,  a big accomplishment for a country with high  quality of life index yet  low on the comedy scale.
Remember lying is generally prohibited in Sweden. click for 10 thing Swedes share with Vulcans

Although in their defense last year, The Lund Humor Festival imported American writer David Sedaris a talented and funny writer.

They also turned me down this year so they seem to possess some quality standards and dignity.

Petra presented a well written, amusing and even impressive show.

Until she fell on her own glow stick when she referred to the 1992 Eurovision winner Ireland’s  Linda Martin as a man in drag.

 “ I know a drag queen when I see one.” She snarked.

Coming from a nation that spent most of the broadcast riffing off their standoffishness and non-confrontational ways, this comment was just a bridge and tunnel too far, my dear.
My wife, a former member of San Francisco’s Gay-Qaeda (registered TM) or the SF gay gossip cell, immediately commented that Petra was working the gay community hard. 
True with her dresses made by fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, dancers dressed in San Francisco’s gay men’s uniform (white T-shirts and blue jeans), a lesbian kiss and a sketch featuring gay marriage Petra Mede worked the room better than Bette Midler at a Cher concert. (sorry that was my best and I wonder why I was turned down for the Lund Humour Festival.)
Yet Petra should watch out and check her tuck.(Google it)

Remember what goes around the circuit party comes around the circuit party.

Next year it’s Denmark’s turn to host so don’t forget who took the sequin gloves off first.


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