What’s greener than a Christmas tree?

Husky Boy Dancers

Adult Sleepover

Nothing will warm you up and

the earth down like a night with Husky Boy!


Husky Boy's CEO and main Dancer Steven Karwoski

Husky Boy’s CEO and main Dancer Steven Karwoski

Husky Boy’s CEO and main Dancer Steven Karwoski

Do you have a environmentally concerned friend or relative impossible to shop for?

Well look no further Husky Boy DancersTM because

spooning with a Husky Boy is as green as it gets.

Husky boys radiate lots of natural heat bringing down ones carbon footprint in one simple evening of snuggles, spooning and sometimes laughter ( please no pointing and laughing)

So order you today!



Husky Boy Dancer’s offer a range of enviromentally friendly and fugel minded services ranging from

the Classic spoon,

couple spooning

 to the All Night Cuddle

(threesomes cost extra)

three friends in a bed

Bedtime reading available as well however our offer prohibits reading 50 Shades of Grey for the obvious reason. (It’s a crap book)

Husky Boy DancerTM’s Mission Statement:

Keep you warm, the planet green and the economy rolling


Company History

Husky Boys Dancers all started in 2009 when Steven Karwoski discovered interest in his chunkylious body type coveted by various women in his now hometown of Malmö. Shocked to think that Swedish women might pass on their thin athletic and fit Swedish men, he was even more amazed when he realized why. Thin men are useful in the summer but useless as a heat source during the long winters.

With a background in interpretive dance and a go-get-em American spirit Steven started his exotic dance company Husky Boy DancersTM.

Initially the concept took off yet success slowly faded as each year the request to put his clothes back on overshadowed the request to ‘take it all off’. The shows began to take on a hostage situation feel, especially when he locked the doors and explained, “ Ok ladies it going to cost you even more to get me to put my clothes back on.”

It was not all smooth sailing as some clients attempted to pry the doors open and others resorted to phoning the fire department. Often show goers thought the younger fitter fight fighters hacking through the door were part of the show. This resulted in a few semi riots when the firefighters refused to strip naked.

The eureka moment occurred as the crowd turned on Steven’s bare body and began heckling.

When one patron called out “I’d bet you’d keep me warm at night.”

Karwoski thinking on this bare feet and ass responded “How much would you bet?”

From that moment on Husky Boy Dancers branched out into the cottage industry it is today.

Husky Boy DancersTM insist our services are non-sexual unless the customer insist at which point Karwoski will not look or enjoy it as per his contract.(with his wife )

So if you or someone you know is in a relationship with a typical thin, athletic and fit the Swedish men and long for a better more ecological bedmate contact Husky Boy DancersTM.

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