Top 3 signs of summer in Sweden

# 1

Men wearing scarfs


as we say in Sweden scarfing (TM)


Steven Karwoski scarfing with his trademark ‘twisting it’ style

The last thing one might think before one leaves the house on a warm summer day is

“Can’t forget my scarf!”

Yet in Sweden men where scarf in the summer and scarfing is a verb.

As in:

I scarf.

You scarf.

We scarf.

Women scarf.

Men scarf.

Children scarf.

(I plan to do an entire post on this Swedish phenomenon.)


Ice Cream Flag


Swedes consume ice cream year round yet when summer hits the ice cream flags fly!

When the hotdog stands open for business everyday they hoist the GB ice cream flag to advertise their additional goods.

Statisically Swedes remain the second biggest ice cream enjoyers in Europe, second to the Finns, according to Nordstjernan, the english-language newspaper.



Strawberry Stands



Every summer these surreal looking icons pop up on the street corners.


Manned by by teenage girls selling fresh strawberries, these structures fold open creating kiosks in the morning and fold down at night making huge angular strawberries. They present wonder for children, confusion for drunks stumbling home, increased paranoia for the tin foil wearing alien invasion fearing crowd and joy for fruit lovers all over Sweden.






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