Top 3 reasons wearing a summer scarf will make you a hero


Fashion Icon Steven Karwoski works the summer scarf

Spring is here in Sweden and, that means only one thing,

gentlemen get out your scarfs!

It’s taken 6 years to grow accustomed to the sight of men wearing scarfs in the spring and summer in Sweden. But now I accept one of the many awkward truths of my Scandinavian life, scarfing (the act of consciously wearing a scarf) in the summer is actually quite logical, of course! For the those men uncomfortable with their more fabulous and effeminate side fear not a as summer scarf can transform any fashionista into a ass kicking, action hero, survivalist like Indiana Jones, MacGyver or Bear Grylls.


#3 Rescue

A scarf is just a rope waiting to happen! A fancy scarf might get you on GQ’s best dressed list but you’ll definitely make Men’s Journal’s Heroes of the Year list as you pull victims out of broken ice or raging rivers or even quicksand with your scarf. And don’t shy away from extravagant colorful ones as a fabulous pastel pink cloth serves best to grab the attention of a rescue plane or helicopter.


#2 First Aid

As any Boy Scout or emergency medical technician would agree a long, sturdy and adsorbent cloth is very useful for emergency first aid. A scarf therefore can stand in as atourniquet, a bandage or even an arm sling.Actor John Malcovich, a scarfer from way back, reportedly saved a man’s life with a scarf in 2013.



#3 Self Defense

Imagine the attacker’s shock when the perceived helpless lady man decked out in a flamboyant scarf defends himself with his fashion accessory. They’d never know what hit them as you unravel it from your neck cracking like a whip or swinging like a gladiator’s lariat with keys or phone attached. Besides one-on-one combat scarfs transform easily into a tactical siege weapon such as a slingshot. (Imagine David Bowie VS Goliath)


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