Top 3 free things to do in Malmo, Sweden in the summer

Malmo Festival

August 16 to 23

A big fun free event featuring live music , theatre, cultural events and tons of children-oriented stuff all for free. You can’t go wrong with this!

For more information

For more information


Kids snorkel for free!

SEA-U, offers free snorkeling, netting ( kids get to float out on a barge, scoop up sea creatures and examine them under microscopes!) daily through the summer Monday to Friday


SEA-U Marint Kunskapscenter, Ribersborgsstigen 6.

I took my daughter, her cousins and her friends recently and they all enjoyed it immensely Instruction taken in English and Swedish, Of course.

Night Skate

with Malmo City Skaters

An evening Skating tour of Malmo hosted by Malmö City Skaters and skate club SK Skrinnaren

also escorted by Malmo police.

The best alternative to Cosy Night in Sweden!

Next Night Skate Friday, August 9 2013

I discovered this treasure recently while attending the Malmo Roller Derby Festival.

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