Top 10 reasons Swedish women love overweight men

Belly warmers: Swedish winters are long and cold and the typical Swedish men are lean and fit. 

They’re great on the beach in summer but useless in winter as they generate very little heat.

Money savers: Sleeping with a chunky guy is cost effective as you will spend less money on heating bills and expensive Duxiana down covers.

Green energy: 
Hunkering down with a chunky guy for the winter is like having a windmill in your own backyard. 
They offer environmentally conscious Swedes the right to brag about their low carbon footprint.

Food source: True big men consume more, but in an odd twist of fate they can also be eaten. 
(not in a sexy way)
In the event of a winter food shortage, husky guys can always be black widowed.
Steven Karwoski, Husky Boys Dancer's principal dancer, owner and manager, rocks out his big girl pants.

Steven Karwoski, Husky Boys Dancer’s principal dancer, owner and manager, rocks out his big girl pants.

Recycling: Husky guys fit into ones old fat pants or maturity outfits. This offers the environmentally friendly and frugal Swedes the ultimate recycling option.

Thin and fit by comparison: Just standing next to a chunky fellow makes one look lean and fit by comparison.

“Does this make me look fat?”

“Of course not, look at your boyfriend!”

No Judgment:
 When you reach for the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream chunky guys don’t judge, but rather join you on your binge.

Can Play Santa: Swedes love Santa. Swedish tradition dictates that someone must dress as Santa on Christmas Eve. Chunky guys can never refuse because they fit into the Santa suit.

Sexual fantasy play:  Keep the Santa suit on! When the kids are fast asleep the non-traditional, real fun starts. No one can play Santa better in your kinky Christmas sexual fantasy play than a chunky fellow.

No need for personal development: No one can see your flaws while you stand next to an obviously cracked vase. People will be too focused on helping you get your man fit that they will never expect you to work on your issues.

“ I know I need to work on my drinking problem but right now I need to worry about my man!”

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