Stockholm did not get the Christmas tree disposal memo written

On a recent visit to Stockholm, I came upon a pile of fully intact discarded Christmas trees.

Seeing these uncircumcised, all-natural Christmas trees in the raw reminded me of 1970’s porn with its natural, non trimmed, non waxed patches of organically grown bush.

Horrified by this disregard for Sweden’s Christmas tree disposal regulations, questions swirled around my head.
What type of crunchy granola, free range, non-conformist heathens live in this northern place?
Have they gone completely rogue?

How could anyone treat their trees this way or not treat them properly, by hacking off their limbs?

How do they think the trees will decompose without begin chopped up and stuffed into plastic bags?

Are Stockholmers too busy with their endless shopping, skating, skiing and mirror gazing to spend the afternoon disassembling a tree?

Do they think they are better then us?

Yet my wife’s friend, a Stockholm native, informed me that in Stockholm the Christmas trees go out in the same condition they came in, with the exception of needle loss, – complete and uncut.

“We don’t do that in Stockholm.”, referring to my story of the butchering of Christmas trees in Sweden.

Attempting to showboat my acclimation to Swedish culture I responded with what I understand to be the appropriate response.

“ Oh you don’t do you, well I will learn you!”

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