Spring is here and so is my upgraded website


Hello and welcome to my new website

Sorry for the long absence. As you can see I’ve been busy working on a website upgrade made possible by the generosity of The Sten K Johnson Foundation. I also need to thank web designer Ross McHugh who put in tireless hours and discovered just what it means to be a schlepper. He’s done a tremendous job and I’m grateful for his patience and for showing me the location of the any key.

With the new site I plan to promote both my writing and my performing. Earlier this year a friend asked, “Why didn’t I know you were a performer?” I was tempted to respond, “In all the confusion I forgot to mention it.”   However his question did help define the new focus of the site.

Speaking of performance, I’ll be attending a story telling workshop –Christianshavns Fortællefestival- in Denmark on April 25th and 26th where I’ll watch master storytellers do their stuff and even spin a tale or two myself.

On May 10, I’m featured in the Want to Hear a Story performance in Copenhagen at Cafe Cadeau, then again  on May 16th with The Copenhagen Theatre Circles Open Stage.

I plan to continue to blog as well as contribute the stories to various publications.

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