Malmo in the Summer, get your Jojo Summer card.



Get your Jojo card!

I encourage the people of Malmo, Skåne and those visiting to purchase the Jojo summer card which offers two months of unlimited travel in Skane, southern Sweden.

For a purchase of only 595 SEK, approx. 90 USD or 70 Euros, one can travel by rail or bus all through Skåne.

Hey, I’m not getting paid for this so you know I’m not BSing you.

Last summer a group of friends and I used our Jojo cards to get us to and from the jumping on and off points our backpacking trip along the coast of southwest Sweden.

The card made traveling simple, easy and hassle free.

We hopped on the train in Malmo and off in Simrishamn. Then we hiked the Skåneledens Trail visiting Vik, a tiny fishing village hen through Stenshuvud National Park on to Kivik where we camped for the night.

The next day we hiked inland to Bromölla where we decided to head home. So we hoped on a local bus taking it Kristianstad where we boarded a train home to Malmo. No fussing over payment we just flashed our Jojo summer cards we were golden.

Considering the many incredible things to see in Skåne, the megalithic monument Ale Stenar and the best preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia Glimmingehus, the Jojo card is a safe, fun way to travel.

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