Free hugs from Swedish dogs

On our recent trip to Stockholm we visited Hästa gård in Akalla.

There we met Mac the herd dog as he patiently waited his turn in the sheep pen.

Hästa gård, the world’s largest urban farm, just a subway ride outside of Stockholm, offers country experience to city dwellers like myself.
Besides watching sheep dogs sharpen their herding skills with real sheep, one can ride horses, take a wagon ride, enjoy snacks at the café, buy meat directly from the source and wander around the 185 acres on this organic and picturesque farm.

For me it represents some of the best that Sweden has to offer – an accessible, open and low cost outdoor experience.

Everyday my daughter asks, “When are we moving to a farm?”

Visiting this farm appeased her longing for the country life for now.

And the dog hugs were great too.

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