7 reasons to celebrate Christmas in Sweden !

folk dancing

# 7
Folk dancing keeps you fit

Many families still include a dancing and singing around the tree and through the house. This kick starts your New Year’s exercise regiment early and insures good digestion. Also allows you check folk dancing off your bucket list.

old man eating from jul bord  

Same food every year

Traditional Jul Bord or Christmas table offers the same fair every year.
This offers consistency to your palate and insures you will not need to hide the uneaten ‘new dish’ in a napkin or feed it to the dog under the table.


Santa Mask 

Low budget Santa costume

Feel free to wear an expensive store bought fancy Santa costume to play Santa but if you wear a cheap Halloween Santa mask the children will still believe you are Santa. This keeps cost of Christmas low. Santa is also given food and often whiskey. So win-win.


Travel back in time

Transport back to pre cable, pre Internet days of yore when families gathered together to watch holiday TV programs together. Each year Swedish families tune into to watch Disney’s Christmas special, “From All of Us to All of You.”
Broadcast the same time with pretty much the same content every year since 1959, this event allows people to experience life before VCRs and the internet ruined the natural order of things enabling them to watch programs any time they wished.

Bike parked in snow  

# 3

Steal a bike

As the nation marches to the beat of the same Christmas drum following the preordained schedule of Christmas events, one can guarantee no one is watching the shop or the bike stands.

Having your bike stolen is a common Swedish experience. This day offers a great opportunity to steal a bike or better yet search the bike racks and steal your bike back. I suggest 3 p.m. when everyone is watching the Christmas TV special.

Groundhog day movie poster 


Same thing every year

Highly regimented and tightly structured day offers little variance or change year to year. From the Christmas food to the mandated nationwide unified TV program viewing it’s pretty much the same as last year. So if feel free to take a pass and fly somewhere warm for the holdiday. If you wonder what you missed just look at last year’s photos or the year before or the year before that.

person sleeping on a sofa 


Two days for the price of one holiday

Sweden celebrates Christmas on December 24th. This leaves December 25th as a free-range do as you wish day – take nap, eat left overs, recount the previous day complaining your relatives short comings. Or double down get two for one and do it all over again.

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  • Big Al

    As on.

    Another reason to celebrate Christmas (in Sweden) is that it goes on until at least 6 January…Just try to get anyone to start work before then!

  • roisin

    Like Ireland it is 12days of christmas! 2 weeks of house packed with teenagers lying about. oh heaven.

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