7 most common mistakes made building gingerbread houses for Christmas

family baking a ginger bread house 


Not choosing the right project manager

Letting the ’fun’ uncle or aunt manage the project can result in disaster. The last thing your construction project needs is an emotionally arrested adult with an abundant supply of sugar products, expected to direct other ’children’.

Ginger bread house

Ginger Bread House Collapsed 


Not putting in load bearing walls.

All too often over enthusiastic project managers encourage overloading the roof. Cave in is inevitable. Either include a center load bearing wall or manage your workers.



Not buying enough candy

Plan for a ratio of one for you, two for me in regards to your candy and gingerbread people. Nothing worse then a sugar stoned child upset because ’someone’ ate all the candy and none is left to build with.

small ginger bread house 


Not having a back up kit

Inevitably a wall will break or be eaten. Have at least one back up kit to scavenge parts from or to make a small mother-in-law shed.

 boy eating ginger bread house



Not planning for sugar crash

After the builders consume large amounts of construction material they eventually will crash hard. Have an mellow activity planned like a movie or story time or even better a transitional activity out of your home . For example a Christmas parade to the car.

 Ginger Bread House Row



Not have a backup design

In the event you fail to # 7and # 6 and your gingerbread house fails, have an alternative theme ready such a earthquake disaster or zombie apocalypse. Gingerbread people make excellent zombies.

ginger men 


Not closely monitoring the creation of gingerbread people

Not monitoring your builders all too often when creating ginger people children get carried away and acidently create quite inappropriate ginger people. Remember pick the right project manager.


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  • Big Al

    The list should start with “Don’t buy one”.

    Super glue is excellent for both ensuring that the house stays together (icing sugar has low tensile capacity) and gives it that extra special “kick” when, following a few glasses of glögg, you get inspired to eat the thing. Sort of a legal LSD 🙂

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