5 things one must always do when serving Swedish Glögg at Christmas


Glögg is mulled, seasoned red wine served at Christmas in Sweden. Like all things Sweden there is order and tradition to its Glögg.

homemade glogg

# 5

Always hide the store bought bottle and tell everyone it’s homemade

When folks ask how you made it insist it is a secret family recipe. Float some orange peals or spices to give the illusion you made it from scratch.

drunk people


Always serve it in small cups

I’ve learned the hard way that if you serve it in large coffee cups eveyone will be legless. Trust me.



absolute vodka bottle


Always spike only if you need to

Opinions vary one this. Some feel it necessary to enhance the mix with some vodka. You know your crowd, some Christmas parties and in particular the Bah humbuggers need a little holiday spirit. Use your best judgement. Remember # 2.

American Eurocentric Know-it-all identified by this tell tale beret

American Eurocentric Know-it-all identified by this tell tale beret


Always serve it with raisins and scalded almonds

No matter where you are in the world in Sweden or beyond there are always purist who knows or worse googled the proper Glögg presentation. For these tradition fascist a cup warm, spiced red wine is not enough, so do yourself a favorite and get it right.

gingerbread cookies


Always serve it with gingerbread cookies

If the Glögg is awful it will help. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!

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  • Hailie Macholl

    I feel like, at our family gatherings, the “optional vodka” is not an option, it is a must. How else are we going to properly blackout those memories? Its not like we can afford to work through them in therapy!

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