Husky Boy's CEO and main Dancer Steven Karwoski

Husky Boy Dancers Adult Sleepover Nothing will warm you up and the earth down like a night with Husky Boy!   Husky Boy’s CEO and main Dancer Steven Karwoski Do you have a environmentally concerned friend or relative impossible to shop for? Well look no further Husky Boy DancersTM...

Train set poster

  Around the same time I moved to Sweden I discovered myself a late in life closeted model train lover. As they say in Swedish, it’s a long saga. In Sweden model train starter set cost anywhere from 3000 to 5000 Kr. As man of moderate means I’m left...

Santa Mask

Sweden’s Santa Claus, Jule Tomten, is out of the chimney and into the front door. Unlike America’s mysterious Santa who one meets at the shopping mall yet who covertly visits on Christmas Eve while you sleep, Sweden’s Santa arrives at your front door. Pragmatic Scandinavian reasoning prevails as this avoids explaining...